McLain/Long View High School OJE

McLain/Long View High School OJE
Credit Opportunity

All students enrolled at McLain High School have the opportunity to earn elective credit for their employment outside of school by being enrolled in OJE (On the Job Experience).  If the student chooses to earn credit through their outside work they will need to fulfill the Work for Credit Requirements listed below.  

Work for Credit Requirements
  1. Student must be employed.
  2. Complete the "Training Agreement" and return it to your OJE teacher anytime during the the quarter for credit that quarter.      
  3. Who do I turn the Training Agreement in to?
    1. Achieve/Glen Todd
    2. ACE/Maureen Todd
    3. CB/Hanne Leschly
    4. LIVE
    5. Long View  
  4. "Submit Work Hours" for each pay stub through the online link. 
  5. How to turn in “Pay Stubs” so they can be verified with your online form
    1. Place paper copy of paystub in the locked box labeled OJE Pay Stubs on the first or third floor. 
    2. Or email a picture of your paystub to [email protected]
    3. Or text a picture of your paystub to 720-215-2507. 
  • For every 125 hours worked = .25 elective credit
Please Note:

When a student changes jobs the same form must be submitted for the new employer. 

The Training Agreement form must match the submitted paychecks.


Why must you have the forms and pay stubs? -  The State of Colorado funds our schools for students' education.  Since McLain High School awards credit toward graduation for hours students work, the State requires that we provide documentation that verifies that each student actually worked the hours for which they were awarded credit.  In all other classes at McLain High School, a student's "proof" for earning credit is documented with attendance, daily grades, quizzes, tests projects, etc. For work credit, however, the "proof" the State of Colorado is requesting is the "Training Agreement" form and copies of pay stubs. 

Questions and Comments regarding Work Experience?

Link to Colorado Department of Education

Two Forms Required for Work Credit

1. Training Agreement

(Please Print Training Agreement and return it with signatures to your program teacher)

2. Work Hours Form

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